Pest Control

Now you can protect your North Canton Ohio home or business, all year long, with our Perimeter Pest Control services.  We also provide effective Mole Control solutions.

North Canton Ohio Pest Control

North Canton Pest Control ServicesWe now provide Pest Control services for the entire North Canton Ohio community.  Our pest control solution will reduce the number of ants, spiders, crickets, mites, and other annoying pests from entering your home or business.

Are you having problems with bees, mosquitos, fleas or other pests?  Don’t worry, our North Canton pest control programs are able to control all of these and a variety of other pests outside of your home or business.

Pest Control Program

Starting in the spring, our North Canton pest control program is a series of 4 applications approximately 8 weeks apart through October.  During each visit, our professional pest control technician will spray 5-6 feet around the perimeter of your residential or business structure.

Pest Control applications start as little as $29.00

Mole Control – North Canton Ohio

Mole Control North Canton OhioOne of our new services in the North Canton Ohio community is effectively controlling those pesky moles.  We don’t use a pesticide, we’ve actually found a solution that will drive the moles out of your yard without killing them.

Our Mole Control program for North Canton has proven to be 99% effective in driving these moles out of your yard, flower beds, garden, or wherever else moles might be found.

Mole Control is a series of 4 treatments per year approximately 5 weeks apart and is recommended that we treat for moles each year.  Our mole control program is both affordable and highly effective.